Saturday 24th February 2024

About Building Websites

At BusinessWebsiteCompany we build your website to your specification. We are not graphic designers but we know what does and doesn't work in a website build.

Content is king and and whilst we can suggest the layout you will need to provide the content. Generally we would recommend that you start with the front page and get the overall look of the site.

You can see that we've used the layout shown for this site.

We are not graphic designers

But we are very happy to work with people who are.

We have found that the Header/Footer layout works well for most business websites. The placing of the navigation can be varied. Look at and you can see that they use a 3 column variation with multiple navigation links.

Colour is a personal thing.

You can love or loathe the colour scheme but best of all you can change it. You may think the colour scheme on this site might be in the latter category but as we have said before we are not graphic designers - to each his own!

Pictures are good

But use in context - see below

Typical Website Layout.

Typical 2 column layout

Nothing is set in stone - use 3 columns or mix and match. Navigation along the top or down the side. Navigation needs to be consistent. Use buttons or simple links.

The website is viewed on a monitor not a sheet of paper.

Monitors come in all shapes and sizes and, whilst most people tend to be using a Windows machine running Internet Explorer your site needs to be consistent when viewed in other browsers and other operating systems.

The latest mobile phone are able to surf the web and more and more people are using them so your website needs to capable of being viewed on a very small screen.

Use images in context not just because they look goodIt's a good idea to look at several websites to find a layout that you think would be good for your company. Remember a computer monitor is shaped like an A4 sheet of paper in landscape orientation

If you have spent time and effort in creating a look for your company with letter headings etc. then it may be a good idea to follow the look with your website.

Pictures are good but what's a yellow Lambourghini doing on this website?

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