Thursday 18th July 2024

Domains Name Registration and affordable Websites

If you are running a small business these days then a website is as essential as Business Cards and Stationery.

It's time for me to retire so I'm not taking on any new business.

  • I'm feeling very old!
  • A recent server failure has taken it's toll.
  • Mobile Phones, Tablets & Social Media remain something of a mystery to me.
  • Spam, Scams & Viruses a constant worry.

If you ended up here the chances are you looked for a Domain that no longer has a website.

Some links to useful tools

Prefer to do it yourself? Then check out your Domain Name availability here. These are people we use for registrations.

You will find a lot more exotic extensions available but please bear in mind that if you sort out your own registration and then decide to get us to build and manage the website you will have to maintain the registration when it needs to be renewed.

Why is a website as essential as Business Cards?

Your business needs to compete for customers and to promote your business you will need to advertise.

Advertising is EXPENSIVE...............

People need to find your business and they will probably look for you in Yellow Pages, Local Paper or possibly search on the web. The chance of them finding your business by searching on the web is probably a lot less likely than them finding you through other methods.

The type of business will determine the size of the advertising budget.

The essence of spending on advertising is that the resulting profitable business will far exceed the cost. If it doesn't then you are wasting your time and money.

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